New Year’s Eve Dining

We are also doing a Hare & Hounds Bakery pop-up Feasting Menu in the Champagne Bar, with limited seating, if you wanted a more casual dining option.

New Year’s Eve Feasting Menu:

Porlock Oyster, Nasturtium Tabasco
House Sourdough, Cultured Butter, Yeast Extract
Welsh Rarebit Doughnuts
Pigs Tail, Roast Apple
Kick In The Head
Mothers Ruin
Smoked Cods Roe, Miskin Egg Yolk, Radish
Welsh Black Truffle Baron Bigod, Hilltop Honeycomb
Graceburn, Pickled Quince
Chocolate Mousse, Stout, Hazelnuts, Yesterdays Bread

£90 per head